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Who is looking for a job?

You have to be hard-nosed to get to that company that you think could work for it. Then creativity is up to you. I learned how to get to a company. Make a chart of the possible ways to get to a company! There are several ways, of course without depending on anyone's favor and you the stick man, otherwise change your profession if you are a coward. Whoever has a mouth goes to Rome, I went and came back, to several companies because you have to have balls.

How to successfully graduate in engineering in Brazil?

I was born in a technical college, I was a master, then a specialization, master's and doctorate in robotics, that's the secret!

Projetos/Trabalhos do ETEC Paulino Botelho até os dias de hoje:

=> Carreira de Polivalente / Expert em Tribunais <=

In his childhood he disassembled toys (technical analysis), to specialize in mechanisms (theoretical and practical in 10 years from ETEC to Specialization)

"Educational Model:
United States and Germany
Brazilian Professional Education
1973 a 2005
Universities USP and UNICAMP"

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Esp. Mecânica Fina Paulo L Pastore USP
Whatsapp 16 99792-7080/99231-1448
E-mail pluporinip@gmail.com

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